oh what a feeling!

Delivering a successful turnaround project is a great feeling!

Mid 2018 we got the SOS from a provider. The Agency had been to one of their homes and things were not great. The provider was disappointed, shocked and upset! It is a dark hour in any business.

Like any tough situation the hardest part is taking the first step. Carefully reviewing the current state of the business, identifying causative factors, developing an action plan, bringing people to address issues, documenting and monitoring progress and continuous review are the tried and true method of achieving change. In summary implementing a continuous improvement framework.

The most urgent tasks were to ensure residents were safe (they were) and to get staff ‘on board’. There is no denying it the first weeks were tough. For things to improve honest and hard conversations were needed and tough actions had to be taken. Key staff needed to be supported and shown how to implement continuous improvement and they needed to be empowered to take charge and make change.

In any ‘turnaround’ project there is a phase where you wonder whether key staff will ‘come on board’. As a consultant this is a tricky phase – without ‘buy in’ improvements can’t be sustained. Consultants can make changes but ultimately it is the staff that own the change and take up the challenge of continuously improving.

Six months on the Provider has a clean bill of health from the “Agency” (now the Commission). Sustainable systems and processes have been embedded. Key staff are proud of what they have achieved and what they are doing; they bravely tackle a challenge. There are far fewer complaints from residents, families and staff.

Staff have embraced the challenge of improving; leaders have blossomed; care, hospitality and support services have improved; the facility meets all its requirements; and empty beds are filling!

So after six months of intensive support we are really proud of what has been achieved.

Ideal has extensive industry experience and has developed a suite of tools and resources to assist providers in improving their business. We identify areas of non-compliance, improvement opportunities and support you to best prepare for the new Quality Standards.