Occupancy how to

We get many calls from people seeking a “quick fix” or some “training” thinking that the answer lies in a quick sales workshop at the cheapest possible price. Ideal regularly works with #agedcare providers looking to improve their business performance, and we get great results. But there is no quick fix. And every unoccupied bed is costing the business a lot of money.

Would you like to know what works?

While I can genuinely say every client IS different, we do have a structured approach to assisting organisations improve their position.

Step 1 – we critically look at the current situation. This includes an independent review which is essential to removing any internal bias.

The metrics that we measure have been developed over the past ten years and consistently demonstrate the important factors that a provider or new entrant should be looking at. We recommend that you identify the right catchment, review the demographic profile of the catchment, the actual supply and demand rather than government planning ratios, financial metrics, undertake a competitive analysis using a proven assessment methodology, pricing, sales, to name a few.

Step 2 – identify the gaps and THEN make a plan.

·       Have you built exactly the same as everyone else in an already crowded market? If you are considering building make sure you don’t make an expensive mistake

·       Do you make it difficult for customers to find you?

·       Is it then hard to then contact you?

·       What is the experience like?

·       Is the issue in converting enquiries or tours to admissions?

·       What do your current residents think?

·       How strong are your community connections?

For some clients it may be that the first interaction a potential customer has is not great, or if the first impression is good then the actual experience does not meet expectations. The trick is working on the right elements to ensure everything is aligned.

Step 3 – build in some key measures and work through the plan.

This is where the hard work begins and often people are out of their comfort zone. With support, coaching and a structured approach THIS is where you start to see the results.

Step 4 – keep reviewing

Watch your key indicators as a drop in a particular activity can play out in an occupancy decline over time and it then takes a lot of effort to get back to where you started.

A bit like going to the gym, you need to work at your business fitness every day.