Proactively identifying the risk of non-compliance in aged care services

The Aged Care Royal Commission hearings this week highlighted the importance of leadership understanding and acting on the risk factors that when left unmanaged lead to non-compliance.

The Ideal Consultancy has developed a risk identification tool specifically designed to provide organisational leadership with a clear understanding of the impact of multiple risk factors at a facility level. Over the past ten years the tool has consistently identified the risk of non-compliance giving providers the opportunity to pre-emptively address these risks. It is not the presence of a single risk factor, rather the combination of these that heightens risk. The emergence of some risks may be insidious or overlooked.

Documenting the risk factors in a single tool provides clarity for Board, Executive and Service leadership about the issues that need to be mitigated. Some factors may have been known and some such as building projects are considered favourably. However, all have an impact on the capacity to manage and address governance requirements.

The tool is simple to use. Information is gathered at a facility level and the results provide a clear indication of when additional attention and supports are required at a facility.

Right now all facilities share a risk factor – the transition to the New Aged Care Standards. This on its own can be managed; when compounded by other factors the risk escalates.

Using the Ideal Risk Identification Matrix provides clarity to Board, Executive and facility leadership about the issues the organisation needs to be aware of and address to manage the factors that have been consistently found to place a service at risk of not meeting compliance requirements. When looked at in isolation these factors can be overlooked and easily dismissed.

If you would like to discuss the risk tool, we welcome your call.