The Year Ahead

The start of the year always brings a period of contemplation for what the year ahead will look like. For those of us in the aged care and senior living sector 2020 will be a big year. The Aged Care Royal Commission will continue to roll on and highlight the inadequacies of the current system and hopefully identify a way forward when the report is released in November 2020.

The financial viability of a growing number of providers is concerning and the year ahead will see exits and further market consolidation.  The workforce will continue to reshape as older workers retire and a new generation of leaders emerge. Ensuring quality of care and services remains paramount. Technology will be a key enabler. The care and support needs of older Australians will become increasingly complex and require high levels of collaboration between consumers, providers and the broader health sector.

In periods of change and turbulence gathering insight can be very challenging because providers are dealing with more immediate concerns and risks.