who we are

Ideal is a national management consulting firm

The company was started in 2009 when we saw a gap in the market for high calibre advisory services to the aged care industry. Our mission is to redefine consulting services in the aged and seniors market by delivering tangible results.

We are trusted advisors to some of Australia’s leading aged, community and retirement living organisations.

Aged Care is becoming increasingly competitive and far more commercial. Ideal brings the optimum blend of commercial acumen and industry sensitivity enabling a thorough understanding of the challenges, both commercial and otherwise, facing both for profit and not for profit organisations operating in this sector.

Through partnerships with clients Ideal provides strategic advice regarding future directions, service development and how to best grow the business. Ideal works with Boards, Executives and care teams to strengthen organisations to achieve long term business viability. We work across organisations and with other key stakeholders to implement sustainable change management strategies. This involves accessing Ideal’s expertise to shift an organisations thinking.

Ideal invests in research enabling us to be armed with the ‘facts and data’ to underpin our work; put simply Ideal strengthens your business.