sales and marketing

for profit aged care group

An established privately owned residential aged care group asked Ideal to assess and provide a solution for a poor performing site. The organisation had unsuccessfully tried to address ongoing poor performance relating to occupancy and revenue.
Ideal implemented a sustainable solution to address these issues.

the challenge
The facility staff felt that the number one reason for poor occupancy was due to increased competition in the area created a natural barrier for people seeking residential aged care services, i.e. consumers could move to a facility closer to home.

the solution
Ideal undertook an analysis of the market – this included demographic profiling and modeling future demand for residential aged care. This ensured that we were working with the facts rather than perceived facts.
An independent competitor analysis identified areas for improvement and a local marketing and communications strategy was developed and implemented. The reality regarding the ‘competitor’ identified by facility staff was that this facility had a poor customer service culture and a mediocre service offering.
A review of the sales process demonstrated that staff at the client facility were inwardly focused on process; a sales training program was therefore implemented. The organisation elected to run the Ideal Way of conducting regular in-house sales meetings to ensure customer service and sales remained front of mind for all staff.

the result
The ideal solution resulted in occupancy moving from a static 75% to a constant 95%+ over the past two years; and average incoming bonds increased over this period.
Changes to the sales processes resulted in increased customer satisfaction and improved enquiry to admission conversions. Quarterly updates from the client demonstrate a sustainable result to a big problem.

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