not for profit aged care group

A community provider sought Ideal’s expertise to assist the Board and CEO determine the best way in to the future. This included developing a strategy for the organisation to meet the changing market conditions and to develop options for a predominantly underdeveloped parcel of land in a metropolitan area.

the challenge

The Board had a few members who were due to retire and needed to recruit Board members with complementary skills and a great deal of energy.

the solution

A review of the current position identified a number of strengths and also a number of weaknesses that needed to be overcome should the organisation continue to operate. Ideal’s recommendations included a range of options for the Board to consider – these included an exit strategy, a strategy to remain as is and a strategy to grow. Working with an architectural firm, Ideal project managed the development of options for the land.

the result

With a clear understanding of the current state of play as well as a pathway for the future, the Board recruited appropriate replacements for the retiring members and instigated a strategy to develop innovative services and thus successfully grow their business. There are currently plans in plans to develop the land whilst maintaining connections with the community the organisation serves.

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