strengthening your business

not for profit community care group

Development of policies, procedures and a strategy to improve market position of a community care provider.

the challenge
The organisation was profitable however the community care division needed to develop and implement appropriate business drivers to ensure the ongoing viability of the business unit.
This was seen as a particular issue in light of the proposed changes under Living Longer Living Better – clients will become more discerning and will seek value for money when they have no choice but to contribute to the cost of care. The Case Managers were reluctant to ask clients for fees thus denying the organisation access to revenue.

the solution
Ideal conducted a series of workshops to identify and create measurable outcomes for the organisation. A development program ensured that staff understood the ramifications of their activities and learnt how to ‘sell’ their services. A number of policies and procedures were developed in consultation with staff that ensured there was clarity around process.

the result
There is now a range of clear processes for staff to follow.
As a result of the project staff feel more confident in demonstrating the value of the service and revenue from fees has continued to trend upwards.

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