ultimate discretion

  • Ideal was asked to review a highly sensitive government project in relation to site security, the consultative process, quality of documentation and decision making milestones in relation to its final output.
  • Investigation of issues arising via a whistleblower that had compromised the privacy and confidentiality of service recipients. This involved a security review, human resource review and recommendations to the organisation to present to the Ombudsman, State Premier and others.
  • Provision of strategic advice, operational review, risk assessment and support for aged care clients of the bank. This includes the development of strategies for market expansion.
  • A review was undertaken to better equip a Government organisation for future growth from a state based service to a national health service. An operational assessment identified areas for improvement related to the day to day efficiencies, staff satisfaction, quality assurance, staff retention, promotion of the service and the development of key performance indicators.
  • National review of work undertaken by National Organ Donation and identification of lessons learned for the transition to the Organ and Tissue Authority.

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