not for profit aged care group

A community provider sought Ideal’s expertise to assist the Board and CEO determine the best way in to the future. This included developing a strategy for the organisation to meet the changing market conditions and to develop options for a predominantly underdeveloped parcel of land in a metropolitan area.

the challenge

The Board had a few members who were due to retire and needed to recruit Board members with complementary skills and a great deal of energy.

the solution

A review of the current position identified a number of strengths and also a number of weaknesses that needed to be overcome should the organisation continue to operate. Ideal’s recommendations included a range of options for the Board to consider – these included an exit strategy, a strategy to remain as is and a strategy to grow. Working with an architectural firm, Ideal project managed the development of options for the land.

the result

With a clear understanding of the current state of play as well as a pathway for the future, the Board recruited …

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sales and marketing

for profit aged care group

An established privately owned residential aged care group asked Ideal to assess and provide a solution for a poor performing site. The organisation had unsuccessfully tried to address ongoing poor performance relating to occupancy and revenue. Ideal implemented a sustainable solution to address these issues.

the challenge The facility staff felt that the number one reason for poor occupancy was due to increased competition in the area created a natural barrier for people seeking residential aged care services, i.e. consumers could move to a facility closer to home.

the solution Ideal undertook an analysis of the market – this included demographic profiling and modeling future demand for residential aged care. This ensured that we were working with the facts rather than perceived facts. An independent competitor analysis identified areas for improvement and a local marketing and communications strategy was developed and implemented. The reality regarding the ‘competitor’ identified by facility staff was that this facility had a poor customer service culture and a mediocre service offering. A review of the sales process demonstrated that …

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for profit national aged care group

Ideal provides strategic analysis and forecasting for an aged care group in relation to all new residential aged care and retirement village projects.

the challenge A review of a number of industry reports identified that there was a vast difference in quality and / or relevance to the specific market. The organisation sought a report that would assist in identifying sites and developing services for the seniors and residential aged care market in Australia.

the solution Ideal worked with the organisation to develop a customised market analysis report.

the result The Ideal report is consistently used by the group as the first reference point when considering acquisitions and greenfield sites.

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strengthening your business

not for profit community care group

Development of policies, procedures and a strategy to improve market position of a community care provider.

the challenge The organisation was profitable however the community care division needed to develop and implement appropriate business drivers to ensure the ongoing viability of the business unit. This was seen as a particular issue in light of the proposed changes under Living Longer Living Better – clients will become more discerning and will seek value for money when they have no choice but to contribute to the cost of care. The Case Managers were reluctant to ask clients for fees thus denying the organisation access to revenue.

the solution Ideal conducted a series of workshops to identify and create measurable outcomes for the organisation. A development program ensured that staff understood the ramifications of their activities and learnt how to ‘sell’ their services. A number of policies and procedures were developed in consultation with staff that ensured there was clarity around process.

the result There is now a range of clear processes for staff to follow. …

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ultimate discretion

Ideal was asked to review a highly sensitive government project in relation to site security, the consultative process, quality of documentation and decision making milestones in relation to its final output. Investigation of issues arising via a whistleblower that had compromised the privacy and confidentiality of service recipients. This involved a security review, human resource review and recommendations to the organisation to present to the Ombudsman, State Premier and others. Provision of strategic advice, operational review, risk assessment and support for aged care clients of the bank. This includes the development of strategies for market expansion. A review was undertaken to better equip a Government organisation for future growth from a state based service to a national health service. An operational assessment identified areas for improvement related to the day to day efficiencies, staff satisfaction, quality assurance, staff retention, promotion of the service and the development of key performance indicators. National review of work undertaken by National Organ Donation and identification of lessons learned for the transition to the Organ and Tissue Authority.

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