Proactively identifying the risk of non-compliance in aged care services

The Aged Care Royal Commission hearings this week highlighted the importance of leadership understanding and acting on the risk factors that when left unmanaged lead to non-compliance.

The Ideal Consultancy has developed a risk identification tool specifically designed to provide organisational leadership with a clear understanding of the impact of multiple risk factors at a facility level. Over the past ten years the tool has consistently identified the risk of non-compliance giving providers the opportunity to pre-emptively address these risks. It is not the presence of a single risk factor, rather the combination of these that heightens risk. The emergence of some risks may be insidious or overlooked.

Documenting the risk factors in a single tool provides clarity for Board, Executive and Service leadership about the issues that need to be mitigated. Some factors may have been known and some such as building projects are considered favourably. However, all have an impact on the capacity to manage and address governance requirements.

The tool is simple to use. Information is gathered at a facility level and the results provide a clear …

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acar 2014 residential analysis

acar results – what you need to know

This morning the results of the 2014 Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) was announced by Minister Fifield.

There were a total of 11,196 residential aged care places allocated; this is 1,866 more than originally advertised in May 2014. Minister Fifield stated that 57% of the places allocated were for new facilities and 43% were for expansion of existing facilities.

Ideal has analysed the results to date to provide you with some key highlights about the allocation of residential aged care places. The following is a high level analysis of the published results as at December 4 2014.

state of play

The highest number of places were allocated in New South Wales, closely followed by Victoria. The volume of allocations far outweighed the number of places allocated with a national average of 58% success. When each state is analysed there are wide variations in success rates. South Australia was hotly contested with just 22% of applications obtaining places. Tasmania, ACT and Victoria were on par with the national average and the state with …

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very strategic

The Ideal Consultancy is Australia’s go-to aged care business advisory service. Some of our services include:

– strategic planning

– aged care management consulting

– aged care business advisory services

– strategic marketing

– aged care sales & marketing services

– aged care accommodation pricing

– speaking engagements

– aged care approval round ( ACAR ) writing services

– mergers and acquisitions

– aged care reforms

If you need help strengthening your aged care business call our office on 1300 179 675 for a confidential discussion.




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Aged care consultants Sydney

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Aged care consultants Hobart

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Aged Care 1

social media policy

We are getting ready for the LASA National Congress in Adelaide October 19-22.

Ideal is sharing expertise in a few presentations, one of which is “Sing it from the rooftops” – a take on positive media and how this relates to aged care. A copy of the presentation will be available after the conference and we thought we would share a really interesting video on Social Media and what is means for staff of an organisation. This was first developed by The Department of Justice in Victoria in 2011.



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marketing expertise

marketing strategy aged care group

A well regarded aged care organisation contacted Ideal with concerns regarding a poor performing facility. The site was one of eight facilities and consisted of a combination of high care, low care and an extra service wing. There were a number of residents in the facility living with dementia.

the challenge

The low care area comprised single rooms with ensuites, high care was in the older part of the building and had shared ensuites and the extra service wing was the most poorly presented part of the building.

Locally management had taken an approach to admissions of “we do not want to create and us and them” and as a result the extra service wing was occupied by non-bond paying residents and all residents were using the extra service facilities.

In addition the customer service experience was poor and occupancy had been slowly declining.

the solution

Ideal undertook an analysis of the local market including the current demographic and social profile, future demand and strength of local competitors. A facility review was also undertaken to …

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how to wow, the future starts now!

reflections from a customer point of view A benefit of getting together to learn about different organisations and share information is that sometimes some of the best things can be right under your nose. Delegates from the 2013 SAGE Study Tours got together in Sydney last week to participate in a Domestic one-day “mini” SAGE Tour. The aim of the tour was to observe innovation from an organisational perspective through visiting a range of services in Sydney.

about the day Ideal decided to view this day trip from a customer perspective and identify the positive elements of some of the services for aged care providers to consider when addressing the aged care reforms within their own organisation.

communicate We visited a Retirement Village that offers nursing and allied health services. There is a strong focus on ageing positively. This is evident in the wellness clinic, nursing services, health programs and on site medical clinics.

We know that not every Village will be large enough to support a vast array of services, however the important factor is that residents have someone …

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making a great first impression

they say you only have once chance to make a great first impression

Whether you are third in line to the throne or first in line when the telephone rings you can be rest assured first impressions count. This is becoming more and more important as consumers shop around for the right facility or service.

A quality product coupled with exceptional service will stand out for all the right reasons.

Here are a few tips from Ideal to help you focus on your customers and their needs:

• Smile when you answer the phone. Really, try it. It makes a difference • Expect the entire team to have a good attitude • Listen to prospective residents and solve their problems. Remember, we have two ears and one mouth. Best use them in proportion • The welcome and the tour needs to be exceptional • The focus is on the resident, their wants and needs • Tailor your tour to each person and their situation • Give a wow tour! • Introduce prospective residents to multiple residents and staff • …

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why manners are important

lessons from Charleston USA (SAGE 2013)

Charleston would have to be one of the most charming cities in the United States. People here pride themselves on impeccable manners – even if you look like you want to cross the road cars will stop and graciously wave you through (take note Naples, Italy!). With loads of history, delightful houses and architecture, art, the Spoleto Festival, and fantastic restaurants, Charleston is a wonderful place to visit.

First official day of the SAGE Tour USA 2013 and we have witnessed southern hospitality in spades. Bishop Gadsden is a retirement and aged care community that has got customer service down pat. We spent the day here hosted by their CEO and Executive and learnt about the BG way of doing things.

From the first moment we walked through the door we were welcomed like family. The facility prides itself on taking such good care of its residents and this is evident throughout the culture of the organisation. I have never met so many utterly delighted residents in …

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